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Straight Forward Legal Advice

Straight Forward Legal Advice Straight Forward Legal Advice

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We specialise in providing an extensive range of legal advice and services to individuals. 


Wills and Wills Trusts, are often on the ‘to do’ list, but procrastination often means they are pushed to the bottom of the list. They are, however, vital for everyone who wants to ensure their assets are distributed in the most tax efficient manner and in the precise way you wish. There is no one answer about how to do your Will. It all depends on your assets, your circumstances and who your beneficiaries will be. You need to make a will that makes your wishes clear, that avoids confusion and conflict amongst your loved ones. Doing this will protect your family and friends from costly and stressful legal disputes.

We can help! We know the potential pitfalls and will ask you all the right questions to make sure that you have considered every possibility. We can advise you as to whether you would be best with a Will or a Testamentary Trust. We can design your Will in such a way to help protect your family from expensive estate litigation after your death and we can safely store your Will in our secure vault. 

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is often disregarded as being something for the elderly or mentally ill. The reality is altogether different. It is never too early to have Power of Attorney in place. If you were in an accident that left you unable to make decisions for yourself, how would your family access your accounts? Would they be allowed to make decisions on your behalf? A Power of Attorney ensures that you have people you have chosen, making decisions about your welfare and your finances.

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