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If the Home Office has refused your visa application, you may still have the right to appeal at the First-Tier immigration tribunal in the UK. Our immigration appeal Solicitors are highly skilled in identifying the errors and weaknesses in decisions made by the Home Office. They can identify the correct appeal route following an unfair or unlawful decision, to achieve the best result for you. This may include an Administrative Review or a Judicial Review to your Home Office decision. 

In some cases, it may be that your original application was incorrectly submitted, in which case, we may advise you to re-apply. We will guide you through the correct process and will identify any inconsistencies or mistakes that were made in your application.


Recently, the Right to Appeal has been reduced significantly for those applying from outside of the UK. Only cases relating to human rights, asylum or removal from the UK may have the right of appeal, unless certified by The Home Office.

The appeal process can be extremely complicated and time consuming. At Eldons Berkeley Solicitors our Immigration Team have extensive experience in dealing with immigration appeals and have been successful on many occasions. 

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