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Straight Forward Legal Advice

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Where traditionally clients have had to pay all legal fees, often with upfront payments on account, solicitors are now able to offer a wider range of alternatives to fund their case.

We specialise in alternative forms of funding including: Damage Based Agreements (DBA's), Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA's), Fixed Fees, Stage Payments and Third Party Funding.

Litigation can be costly and expensive and in many cases the costs to pursue or defend a claim can outweigh the amount claimed. Often the total cost is unknown at the outset and you may be required to meet other costs such as disbursements in the form of expert reports and Barristers fees.

A common strategy for wealthy defendants is to use financial pressure to bring claimants to either abandon, or settle their claim. Alternative forms of funding level the playing field and ensure that you have the financial strength and backing to bring a claim to trial. When it is apparent that you are able to continue a case all the way to trial, then a settlement is far more likely. In most cases, if we are succesfull, we can recover our costs from your opponent. 

We will be happy to explain to you how funding methods work in detail. If you have a good claim against a financially sound defendant, or you have a solid defence in response to a claim, or you just require some sound advice, call us now for a chat about your case on 020 7440 7777

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